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Nautie Knitalong
It looks like there is a brand new Nautie knitalong here. I'm really going to enjoy seeing how they turn out!

I've received a lot of emails about the Nautie pattern, many from knitters who are also paleontologists, malacologists, science teachers, and other sorts of science geeks. Thanks for the kind words. I love knowing that there are so many knitting science geeks out there. You guys are awesome.

The Guide to Geeky Knitting was also brought to my attention: links to all sorts of science-related knitting patterns and articles.
Angsoka (mail) (www):
Thank you for your Nautie pattern. It a great and funny idea. I'm going to join the knitalong.
4.11.2006 11:55am
Angsoka (mail) (www):
Sorry, I've made a mistake! I wanted to say "It's a great and funny idea!"
4.11.2006 11:56am
Rachel Cohen (mail):
Oh wow! I found your site linked from Knitty and i think i am your newest fan! I am sooo making those nauties for my son! He may only be 2 months old, but he is already a fan of The Sciences! Thank you! I will send fotos once i am finished! Aloha!
4.11.2006 12:37pm
Ann (www):
Thank you so much for Nautie! They are great and I can't wait to knit one. Nice work and nice blog.
4.12.2006 6:28am
Melonie Romero (mail):
I can't stop being Nautie, thanks a lot!Am ocean obsessed and the sea is calling me now.Must join KAL.You are a knitting Godess.
7.10.2006 11:59am