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Hello again!

Hi everybody! I'm still alive. Here's an update:

  • I am a full-time professional freelance writer. (It takes a long time of doing that before it feels right to announce it as your profession.) I write nonfiction. My favorite stuff is science and technology writing. Until I can fill my schedule with that, I do newspaper articles and copywriting. Need something written? Hire me. I'm really good.

  • I am a roller derby addict! This is my team, this is my league, this is me jamming. We are recruiting players and referees! Join us, it's a ton of fun.

  • I still swing dance.

  • I have taken up figure skating. I'm not very graceful, but I can land a decent waltz jump and toe loop without usually falling over too much.

  • Yesterday I went for a run, and liked it, so I'm going to keep running. This year, I have resolved to keep things fun by varying the lengths of my runs, and entering 5K and 10K races (not to win, just to finish) every couple of weeks.

  • I posted to the Sustainable Food Blog today. This resumes another regular trend.

  • Shortly after I got my SLR last year, my pocket camera broke. OK, fine, who needs it, right? Well, that effectively ended the photo-a-day project, since I'm not going to lug something heavy and expensive around everywhere just in case something catches my eye. But last week, I couldn't stand it anymore (I was at the mall parking lot, and every branch on every tree was totally coated in ice, in that magical you-never-know-when-this-will-happen-again sort of way, and me with no camera) so I broke down and bought the cheapest digital camera they had at the mall. It's brown (who makes cameras in brown, anyway?) and now I'm back.

The semicolon is not used enough; the comma is used too often. This is an awesome T-shirt. I was such a semicolon addict in high school; I started misusing commas on purpose because it seems less stuffy (I don't know why, it just does.)

To my boring life by Beth on 2008-03-12.
john (mail):
whoa! i just officially decided today, no kidding, that i would accept the comma splice as standard english from now on. now you're making my doubt my decision.
3.12.2008 3:14pm