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Things I did in 2008 for the first time ever
January: Tasted ice wine.
February: Helped organize a sewing bee to manufacture derby uniforms. Played in first derby bout and got a lovely ecchymosis (like a bruise but bigger & uglier).
March: Visited Marty in Waltham. Saw and touched an XO laptop. Explored the unmapped and treacherous-when-icy trails around Six Mile Creek.
April: Ran my first race (a 10K). Visited the museum at Seneca Falls. Hung laundry outdoors to dry. Spoke at a feminist conference. Built a raised bed garden. Got up on Chris's shoulders to peek into a robin's nest. Skated in my first real derby game ever! Albany crushed us. Broke the toe stop socket in my skate just days before the game and quickly learned a lot about skate repair.
May: Drove my grandpap's tractor, which is nothing special but I'd never done it before. Skated in my first hometown derby game - we beat Syracuse 84-81.
June: Rollerskated in the Ithaca Festival Parade (with the 'Jets). camped in Yellowstone with friends - adventure of a lifetime! Nearly died climbing Mt. Washburn and hitchhiking back to the car. Saw buffalo roam and antelope play. Cooked rice over a campfire without burning a single grain of it. Got sprayed by geysers.
July: Made a red currant pie.
August: Got respectable harvests from my garden! Whole meals worth! Including my first ever onions and summer squash.
September: Began learning how to swim better. Improved my freestyle & signed up for a masters swimming class in which I learned butterfly and breaststroke for the first time. Served on a Grand Jury.
October: Went to the NASW conference (my first professional conf that I paid for myself) ... saw Monterey Bay & schmoozed with science writers. Signed up for Twitter. Dressed as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween. Harvested 200 pounds of sweet potatoes from our garden.
November: wrote a novel (This Is Not My Home Planet ... will probably never be published but was a great learning & working experience). Successfully did my hair up in finger waves.
December: Did an almost-all-handmade Xmas. Made a quilt!
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