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heinz ketchup sign showing correct angle for pouring

Photo by Hryck on Flickr showing the correct angle for ketchup pouring. On this neon sign, the ketchup drips out of the bottle as seen here.

Teri sent me this link to Simple Tricks that Make You Look Smart.

I can personally recommend the following:

4. include a picture of your house when you give people directions.

5. Before you take something apart to fix it, take a photo.

8. Oil your spoon or measuring cup, and honey won't stick to it.

21. Before juicing a lemon, squeeze or roll it. (This seems to break open some of the juice-containing compartments; because the skin is still intact, you can be as rough as you like and not get squirted.)

Some of the tips are kind of dumb, like #2 - spray thread with hairspray? How about you just lick it? Then you don't have hairspray all over everything (like the thread you're going to lick).

And let's talk about #7, how to get ketchup out of a ketchup bottle. If you need a tip for this, you are overthinking it! Ketchup is a viscous liquid. It WANTS to slide down the glass bottle and onto your plate. Just tip the bottle over (so it's almost horizontal) and it will slide right out. You can amuse yourself by whacking it on the 57 if you like.
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