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Tomboy plugin: Editor's Wordcount
tomboy logoPlease note: this refers to the Tomboy note-taking app, which I use for almost all my writing. I'll post later about what this program is and why it's so useful to me. It's really pretty neat. I didn't write the whole program, just a little plugin.

One of those scratch-an-itch late nite programming projects. Here, I'll share.

Based on the Tomboy-Wordcount addin, this one is called Editor's Wordcount and does exactly the same thing, except...

It doesn't count strikethrough text. (This is what strikethrough text looks like.)

So now I can quickly answer the question "OK, how many words would it be if I killed this paragraph, and this one, and this one?"

Download now: Editor's Wordcount
To geekery by Beth on 2009-06-09.